Aim of this website is that to create ways to question thinking about queer theory, how to form attitudes towards information production while making it easier to think about queer theory, witnessing primarily local pressures that are upon queer subjectivities and their experience against violence and the solutions they find against this violence, seeing how they stand common ideas and fight them.

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Word Is Out


Nancy Adair Andrew Brown Rob Epstein





More than two dozen men and women of various backgrounds, ages, and races talk to the camera about being gay or lesbian. Their stories are arranged in loose chronology: early years, fitting in (which for some meant marriage), coming out, establishing adult identities, and reflecting on how things have changed and how things should be. Some speak as couples and some as individuals. One lost her children in a custody decision, one was dishonorably discharged from the US Army, two were sent to insane asylums. Each sees social progress as he or she looks back; all are reflective. News footage and a few vocal performances provide breaks as topics shift.