Aim of this website is that to create ways to question thinking about queer theory, how to form attitudes towards information production while making it easier to think about queer theory, witnessing primarily local pressures that are upon queer subjectivities and their experience against violence and the solutions they find against this violence, seeing how they stand common ideas and fight them.

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Look at Me Again Original Title

Olhe Pra Mim de Novo


Claudia Priscilla & Kiko Goifman





This is a road trip about an individual (Sillvyo Lucio) who is in search of a long awaited dream - finding a doctor in Brazil who will perform gender re-assignment surgery. Born a female, this search reveals our subject's ideas and loathing of the male touch, shame and embarrassment of being pregnant and giving birth at an early age, and an endearing need to allow deep-seeded masculine traits to surface.