Aim of this website is that to create ways to question thinking about queer theory, how to form attitudes towards information production while making it easier to think about queer theory, witnessing primarily local pressures that are upon queer subjectivities and their experience against violence and the solutions they find against this violence, seeing how they stand common ideas and fight them.
Original Title

Laughing Matters... More!


Andrea Meyerson





Laughing Matters... More!

Laughing Matters...More! is a reality-based romp that blends the routines from four of lesbian stand-up comics with personal interviews. It features Elvira Kurt, a Second City alum named Canadian Female Comic of the Year and writer for Ellen DeGeneres; Sabrina Matthews, a regularly featured performer on Comedy Central; Renee Hicks, the first African- American woman nominated Best Female Stand-up at the American Comedy Awards; and the Southern-Baptist-lesbian-mom-turned-crossover-comic, Vickie Shaw. This film takes a "reality" approach to showcasing the comics, capturing their on-stage performances, and their personas off-stage in behind-the-scenes footage, one-on-one interviews and recurring segments where all four converge for spontaneous and improvised discourse.