Aim of this website is that to create ways to question thinking about queer theory, how to form attitudes towards information production while making it easier to think about queer theory, witnessing primarily local pressures that are upon queer subjectivities and their experience against violence and the solutions they find against this violence, seeing how they stand common ideas and fight them.
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Mark Pariselli






An experimental reinterpretation of Andy Warhol?s 1963 silent short film of the same name, ?Kiss? recontextualizes his protest against the Hays Code?s time restriction of onscreen kissing as an impassioned indictment of laws that prohibit and punish homosexuality in certain countries. Featuring a cast of performers hailing from countries where these laws exist transforming an expression of love and desire into a political protest, ?Kiss? artfully challenges and resists the sanctioned condemnation and persecution LGBTQ persons confront.